The bulk of my sewing experience lies within the tailoring and dressmaking industry and have only dabbled with fun creative elements of sewing. Since opening the school I have explored the craft side of sewing in more depth. During my research I came across this book of bunting by Debbie Shore and I have to say I love. The book caught my eye simply by the cover. It is modern, colourful understated and I knew I was in for an enjoyable browse as opened it up.

The layout is clean with a great use of thumbnail images for the contents page. The first couple of sections cover useful tools and basic techniques and some stitches, enough to get you started if you’re a beginner and not too big a chunk of the book if you’re confident to skip these sections.

From then on you are presented with one wonderfully created string of bunting after another. All are provided with step by step written instructions, supported by clear images. Each style of bunting is themed and covers many occasions that might prompt the idea to sew some bunting.

My personal favorite is the Pocket Bunting, as I can see this would be very useful pinned up in my studio for keeping the small items I want to keep handy such as my tailors chalk and quick unpick. I also like the use of shapes other than the usual triangles which we normally associate with bunting.

I love the presentation of this book and am in awe of the creative ideas that Debbie delivers across the pages. Now I know we are talking about bunting here, but I for one am delighted to embrace anything that will encourage new people to take up sewing. To my mind, this is the perfect book for just that. With its colourful pages and achievable projects you cannot help but feel the urge to sew.

You don’t have to be a novice sewer to enjoy this book. I am over 30 years behind the sewing machine and find it quite inspirational from a creative point of view, so it really is a book for all.

Sew Bunting is published by Search Press and I got my copy from Amazon for under £7.50 including p&p. The only question left to answer is: Where will you get yours?